Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got a follower

Sounds kinda creepy to me :) but I am so flattered, thanks bliss candles I could only find your website. Maybe you hit follow by mistake hahaha. I think I should go find some blogs to follow.

Birthday came and went it was fun. Husband flew off to Vegas, not so happy about that as I was supposed to go too and that's about it really. OOOH I forgot to add that I got my first vacuum the other day how exciting. We have always lived with hardwood floors so I finally gave in and bought one with my birthday money. Not what I wanted to spend it on, but I must say I get great satisfaction in seeing what I sucked up each day, yeah I wonder how long that will keep up.

I made a few things including a snail and some mushrooms, but hubby took the better camera and I have no idea where the crap one is :) so to my 1 follower, you'll have to wait :) Trouble is when I create something my son then wants one in every single color that I have.

Found this shop last night whilst looking at others favorites and I MUST have one for Xmas, i think they are wonderful, might be giving a few as gifts also. Created by javajanedesigns and a steal at $39 including framing!!! ! Shame that my family side names are Herbert( shudder) and Macdonnell. I think they are a little too long for this type of thing. Good job my married name is Smith.MUST SELL A MONKEY ME WANTIE.

Also stumbled across jeanvadelsmith whilst browsing everyone else's favorites and just fell in love with this print at a steal of a deal.

Trouble is I am terrible at framing things and it would probably just stay in the packaging. I think it would look just lovely hanging in my living room though.

Finally to finish off the daily stealing, I mean borrowing, This by toodlesdesignstudio just had me in love.I think it would look great in my bedroom heehee.

OK back off to bed or look at some blogs whichever is easiest :)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm a fan of your Avatar. It hits me right on my 'cute' spot.

Debra said...

Great blog, found it through Etsy forums!!

Carol said...

I'm glad I found you! Your monkeys in your etsy shop are just precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Howdy, howdy....welcome to our world!!
I found your blog when I went back to your Etsy store (I had asked you about making sock monkeys a couple of weeks ago..) to get some inspiration.
I am so glad you are blogging...I absolutely love your monkeys, there is nothing like them.
And...I am having a giveaway on my blog...please stop by for a visit.