Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I got a follower

Sounds kinda creepy to me :) but I am so flattered, thanks bliss candles I could only find your website. Maybe you hit follow by mistake hahaha. I think I should go find some blogs to follow.

Birthday came and went it was fun. Husband flew off to Vegas, not so happy about that as I was supposed to go too and that's about it really. OOOH I forgot to add that I got my first vacuum the other day how exciting. We have always lived with hardwood floors so I finally gave in and bought one with my birthday money. Not what I wanted to spend it on, but I must say I get great satisfaction in seeing what I sucked up each day, yeah I wonder how long that will keep up.

I made a few things including a snail and some mushrooms, but hubby took the better camera and I have no idea where the crap one is :) so to my 1 follower, you'll have to wait :) Trouble is when I create something my son then wants one in every single color that I have.

Found this shop last night whilst looking at others favorites and I MUST have one for Xmas, i think they are wonderful, might be giving a few as gifts also. Created by javajanedesigns and a steal at $39 including framing!!! ! Shame that my family side names are Herbert( shudder) and Macdonnell. I think they are a little too long for this type of thing. Good job my married name is Smith.MUST SELL A MONKEY ME WANTIE.

Also stumbled across jeanvadelsmith whilst browsing everyone else's favorites and just fell in love with this print at a steal of a deal.

Trouble is I am terrible at framing things and it would probably just stay in the packaging. I think it would look just lovely hanging in my living room though.

Finally to finish off the daily stealing, I mean borrowing, This by toodlesdesignstudio just had me in love.I think it would look great in my bedroom heehee.

OK back off to bed or look at some blogs whichever is easiest :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Entrecard what??

I have been naughty, I haven't blogged :( I think about it all the time so I have no excuses. Lets just move on.

So the latest buzz on Etsy is Entrecard. I have NO idea what its all about, but it is supposed to bring more people to your blog, which in turn will ring more people to your shop. That's how its suppposed to work, but I couldn't even get the widget (isn't that what you find in a can of beer?) to attach. Something happened, but goodness knows what. Too much reading for me :) So I'll just carry on talking to myself.

Whilst chatting on etsy chat (trying to get shop exposure) I discovered this wonderful lady MindysEmbroidery not only did she make my son this wonderful name tag to put on his ever lost lunch pack and the most incredible price, but she also reignited my desire for an embroidery machine. Ho hum one day when I am old and grey I am sure. :)

So sales are still slow on etsy, but I believe everyone is in the same boat, I have no idea what else to do than jump up and down with a monkey on my head.

Here is another thing I would love to buy and probably will, at this rate my embroidery machine will never be haha. Naturalatheart has just the most wonderful items and I think everyone I know will be getting one for Xmas. This is my personal favourite though, I just don't know what it is about dandelions.

Monday, September 15, 2008

scrub scrub scrubbing

That was me today...BLAH! I have just remembered how much I hate cleaning, oh and how I hate cleaning when men are living in the house too. Dirty little buggers......

I think the past 2 years I have forgotten what its like to clean a big house. We have moved 2 times recently once in Canada and now USA so we have lived in a small townhouse and apartment. Now 3 toilets, 2 baths and 4 sinks later I remember the problems with a house. This time around though I have the added bonus of cream carpet to add to the chores and dog poo collecting. Our last house was wood floors throughout and boy do I miss them.

I was going to attempt my butt kicking DVD today, but that got cancelled because of some stupid excuse I made and because of the fact I bought the DVD used it once and couldn't walk for a week. I guess it works though and I am still traumatised from the last time, maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

No projects today, going to start another monkey, soon going to be over run I am thinking. I let you know how this little devil turns out.

Here are a few favourites from today from etsy. This is an adorable little guy from wallcandy

And everything from little brown pen makes me ache to have a printer of my own, everything is just too cute. especially this:
I'm now going to get my bum downstairs and try to start on monkey!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mascapone Custard....yes please!

Today I was busy busy busy, I had the car and decided to make the most of it. I had a slight spanner in the works when I volunteered to look after a "challenging" but delightful 3 year old, Gabe.

I had decided that the hubby needed to have a Tiramisu cake for when he comes home tomorrow, you see September is a crazy month for birthdays for the Smiths. Liam is the 5th, Bax's the 8th and mine is 19th. Well with all the hubbub of celebrating Liam's, Bax's got lost :(

It turned out into a world hunt for mascapone cheese and lady fingers, I think everyone was having the crazy thoughts of Tiramisu like me. Gabe had gotten quite bored by now visiting stores and was getting rather touchy feely with things. I did quite well with diverging him with a few rounds of "who let the dogs out" to which he would reply "wuf wuf wuf" but the final line up he decided that taking a bite out of a roll of hubba bubba on the shelf would be much more fun much to the disgust of the other shoppers. We added the hubba bubba to the cart and snuck away as fast as we could.

The Tiramisu got made, Gabe went home for a nap, we had McDonald's for supper and all ended up well. YAY.

I used this recipe for Tiramisu and it ended up looking this this. Just look at all that creamy goodness, yum yum I don't know if I can wait until tomorrow!
OK so here are my latest favourite cuties I discovered on Etsy. Again with the pearls. These beauties are from Asymmetry

I just love everything in scatterboxoriginals store but if i had too choose it would be this adorable tote.

Do you think she might send me one for adding her to my blog? hahahaha, wouldn't that be nice.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hear Mommy Roar!

Well apparently today I must have been having a pretty poop day. For some unknown reason I was miserable and shouted quite a bit.

Seeing as there is no one about all day except for the puppy Pancake who got the worst of it today. I must have sounded like a mad woman to all the neighbours. My poor son Liam came home from school to be instantly roared at for now leaving 2 coats and a lunch box at school. No wonder he ran and hid upstairs. Bad mommy.

I did however manage in my deranged state to get an awful lot of stuff done which included reserving a few things to buy on etsy for upcoming birthdays. I also managed to get a few listings up on etsy also. That always makes me feel better.

This beautiful jewelery set I decided would be great for my Mom, the great thing is that if she doesn't like it I'll keep in for myself. I just love pearls. It was created by Summerthyme on etsy, wonderful to work with also.

I hope my 25 year old brother will enjoy what I have in store for his birthday. I think its pretty cool and I plan on putting Mr Roboto on a slim fitting red T-shirt. Thank you jodieflowers for having such a cute shop.

Oh and of course I had to buy a little something for myself.Thanks perfectheart I told you I liked pearls.

OK a quick show of what I made today and then off to give my dirty little terror a shower.

Here is Bill. He can be a little grumpy in the mornings, but a little orange juice and some peanut butter on toast makes him a great joy to be around. I don't think he's grumpy, he looks kinda cute in an ugly sorta way.

Little Clementine is just adorable with her bold stripes and pale pink bow.

Clemmy likes to climb trees, but sometimes needs help getting down but often thinks she can do it herself.
oooh my nerves, get down Clemmy

That's it I'm done today, i hope tomorrow is better, well it has to be its Friday, wooohooo and a big THANK YOU to the 1 comment I got for my first blog, totally unexpected and exciting.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've started...FINALLY

So I finally sucked it up and decide to start blogging. Its not because I am lazy or just don't want to. The truth is that all this computer stuff scares me. I have been trying to figure out this thing for a while and as you can tell by the crooked banner and terrible layout I still haven't got very far.

I have even entered other blogger competitions to get someone to do it for me, but as you can see I didn't win. SO unless my knight in shining computer code turns up you are stuck with the crooked banner and simple blog.

Today I created #2 monster for my little monster army. I plan to put them on T-shirts or Onesies whatever people want. This is little Ava a wonderful little monster who enjoys being outside getting dirty and in the afternoon a glass of cold milk and a cookie. Who can resist Ava.

I'm hoping that people fall in love with these little monsters just because they are so fun to make and to be honest I am getting a little tired already of the sock monkeys.

Right here is the first one I created Odi. Don't let his scary appearance fool you, he is a rather shy little monster who loves broccoli.

Well that's it for my first blog I hope to goodness that someone finds me because I am feeling a little silly writing to myself. I think I should go look and find some other friends, but not before settling down to ghost hunters and a slice of banana bread..yum yum.