Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've started...FINALLY

So I finally sucked it up and decide to start blogging. Its not because I am lazy or just don't want to. The truth is that all this computer stuff scares me. I have been trying to figure out this thing for a while and as you can tell by the crooked banner and terrible layout I still haven't got very far.

I have even entered other blogger competitions to get someone to do it for me, but as you can see I didn't win. SO unless my knight in shining computer code turns up you are stuck with the crooked banner and simple blog.

Today I created #2 monster for my little monster army. I plan to put them on T-shirts or Onesies whatever people want. This is little Ava a wonderful little monster who enjoys being outside getting dirty and in the afternoon a glass of cold milk and a cookie. Who can resist Ava.

I'm hoping that people fall in love with these little monsters just because they are so fun to make and to be honest I am getting a little tired already of the sock monkeys.

Right here is the first one I created Odi. Don't let his scary appearance fool you, he is a rather shy little monster who loves broccoli.

Well that's it for my first blog I hope to goodness that someone finds me because I am feeling a little silly writing to myself. I think I should go look and find some other friends, but not before settling down to ghost hunters and a slice of banana bread..yum yum.