Friday, September 12, 2008

Mascapone Custard....yes please!

Today I was busy busy busy, I had the car and decided to make the most of it. I had a slight spanner in the works when I volunteered to look after a "challenging" but delightful 3 year old, Gabe.

I had decided that the hubby needed to have a Tiramisu cake for when he comes home tomorrow, you see September is a crazy month for birthdays for the Smiths. Liam is the 5th, Bax's the 8th and mine is 19th. Well with all the hubbub of celebrating Liam's, Bax's got lost :(

It turned out into a world hunt for mascapone cheese and lady fingers, I think everyone was having the crazy thoughts of Tiramisu like me. Gabe had gotten quite bored by now visiting stores and was getting rather touchy feely with things. I did quite well with diverging him with a few rounds of "who let the dogs out" to which he would reply "wuf wuf wuf" but the final line up he decided that taking a bite out of a roll of hubba bubba on the shelf would be much more fun much to the disgust of the other shoppers. We added the hubba bubba to the cart and snuck away as fast as we could.

The Tiramisu got made, Gabe went home for a nap, we had McDonald's for supper and all ended up well. YAY.

I used this recipe for Tiramisu and it ended up looking this this. Just look at all that creamy goodness, yum yum I don't know if I can wait until tomorrow!
OK so here are my latest favourite cuties I discovered on Etsy. Again with the pearls. These beauties are from Asymmetry

I just love everything in scatterboxoriginals store but if i had too choose it would be this adorable tote.

Do you think she might send me one for adding her to my blog? hahahaha, wouldn't that be nice.


SillyLittleLady said...

Oh I LOVE tiiiramisu! Love Love Love it! I am gong to check out that recipe

Kari said...

That looks wonderful. I hope you all enjoyed eating it!

Lollipop Moon said...

it was awsome, my husband keeps noticing that bits keep going missing teehee. I wonder who that could be?

Maggie said...

You should get extra wonderful wife credits for not only making the cake, but buying all the stuff you needed with a "helper" in tow!