Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well friends I am ashamed to say that the only reason I am blogging right now is because I am having one of my sleepless nights! I am also a teensy bit excited because my son is starting school tomorrow! I managed to get him enrolled in a much better school and on track. I may feel excited now, but I will let you know how its working out when he gets 5 weeks off at xmas (eek, did I think this through properly?)

My little shop has been CRAZY, I have never had so many sales in 1 month and I have never had such a high Etsy bill. I had to shut up shop for a couple of weeks for a break and to enjoy some of the summer with my little guy, but plan to go full speed ahead and try to double what I did last time. Might be a bit ambitious, but worth a try. I'm still not going to show you what I bought on Etsy last time as I am still sulking over those scarfs.

Things that caught my attention this time around though seem to follow a same theme of involving me to create, which is not a bad thing but growing this bonsai from seeds by EOBotanicals I think for me will be near darn impossible.

Isn't it just beautiful! I am in awe of all bonsai and bonsai growers.

Now this by UrbanCheesecraft looks all kinds of fun!

Its the kind of thing I would love to give or receive as a gift, but would never buy for myself. Firstly it would probably just sit in my cupboard and secondly I would have no idea what to use it for. I think I am in love with the idea of this mostly and will probably end up buying one for some random person just because I like it.

Finally I would love to receive this by StonehouseStudio as a gift,

but alas, I don't mix in the right circles to get such an extravagant gift. Ah well, one day!

Before I sign off and try to catch a doze on the couch before the day starts, does anyone know if there is another way to add photo's to your blog at the point of where you are typing? Mine go to the beginning of the post and I have to drag them dooowwwwwnnnnn and it takes me ages, well longer than I would like and is frankly quite annoying.

Monday, July 12, 2010

To track or not to track, THAT is the question.

Aaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh So I am driving myself crazy with guilt and worry what to do about my son's school. I know I want him to go to a different one and the guilt is from leaving it too late to do anything about it probably for this school year. I did apply to one, but chances are slim it seems and the other idea I have is to try a track school. I wonder how many parents think this is a good idea halfway through the LONG summer holidays? I cant be the only one. I think we are both sick of the sight of each other and basically I am just EXHAUSTED. What are your thoughts?

Forgot to mention my monkey got to compete in his first mixed martial arts tournament, but no cages or blood was involved (phew) I think most of the kids at one point ended up crying or making someone cry, I almost lost my voice screaming and Liam got a kick to the face which his instructor thought had knocked out some teeth. Luckily its just that age where they fall out anyway and they were old gaps. He did well, coming 4th and was mighty pleased with his trophy, can you tell?
Been busy buying on Etsy and have to show you all what I got, but first I came across this while searching pounce by gsakowskidesigns

Is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

No sorry this is.......

Or is it this?
So now I am all peeved with myself now for having a silly spend on some jewelery (which I hardly wear). Trouble is though I have a rather fat neck so maybe I should stay away from drawing attention to it! Oh who am I kidding? It's still going on the xmas list.

Anyway night night, I'll show you the stuff I got next time cos its not half as nice as the scarf's and I'm gonna go sulk a little :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Oh dear, Its been OVER 1 year since I blogged and the cries to call me back were few to say the least. I have dusted off the keyboard and made another new years resolution (even though its now July) that I will blog again!

Things that have happened to me over the past year:

-My operation was a success, 2 disks removed and now 100% fused (yay no more yoda).

-I got a new tattoo which was supposed to represent family blah blah but looks like a ninja star according to my son (who is now 7).

- Went to Las Vegas and a trip home to the UK.

- Lost 10lbs

- Got a treadmill after I lost 10lbs, still at same weight

- Went swimming for the first time in 2 years and didn't drown

- Drink red wine now instead of white

- Slapped my husband around his face in my sleep

- Didn't kill the dog!

So all in all quite eventful.
Things in the shop have been blooming lately, just as my son is off school and keeping me too busy with his boyness. No more monkeys I'm afraid, they just take too darn long and it was getting hard to part with the little guys. Let me show you some of my fav's from the year!

Babushka Love mobile, makes me want a little girl (almost)

Little Gnome called George. I was heartbroken when this guy was sold, but he went to a great gnome lover.

Wish bracelets, that everyone of my friends and kids seem to have and wear. They are such fun!

Well that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, at least it got me out of watching Van Helsing with the hubby.

I'll be back........... I promise