Monday, September 15, 2008

scrub scrub scrubbing

That was me today...BLAH! I have just remembered how much I hate cleaning, oh and how I hate cleaning when men are living in the house too. Dirty little buggers......

I think the past 2 years I have forgotten what its like to clean a big house. We have moved 2 times recently once in Canada and now USA so we have lived in a small townhouse and apartment. Now 3 toilets, 2 baths and 4 sinks later I remember the problems with a house. This time around though I have the added bonus of cream carpet to add to the chores and dog poo collecting. Our last house was wood floors throughout and boy do I miss them.

I was going to attempt my butt kicking DVD today, but that got cancelled because of some stupid excuse I made and because of the fact I bought the DVD used it once and couldn't walk for a week. I guess it works though and I am still traumatised from the last time, maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

No projects today, going to start another monkey, soon going to be over run I am thinking. I let you know how this little devil turns out.

Here are a few favourites from today from etsy. This is an adorable little guy from wallcandy

And everything from little brown pen makes me ache to have a printer of my own, everything is just too cute. especially this:
I'm now going to get my bum downstairs and try to start on monkey!!

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