Monday, March 9, 2009

Ahhh Phoey!!!

So my love of blogging didn't last that long so it seems, but I am back and its just as a struggle as I found it before.

I have been "missing" for 4ish months, which have been the worst 4ish months of my life. To cut the story short, I herniated my back and spend most of my days laying sideways, watching and reading trash!

I go for a discogram on Wed and even though it sounds pretty funky, I hear its a horrible test (thanks library lady for that). They basically put needles in your disc and say "now Mrs Smith does that hurt?" I think a needle anywhere is gonna hurt. After that goodness knows what is going to happen, one thing i can be certain is that I still have a lot of pain to come.

My wonderful 6 year old has also told me that I walk just like Yoda, so if you was ever wondering what I looked like apparently this is a good likeness.

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