Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hear Mommy Roar!

Well apparently today I must have been having a pretty poop day. For some unknown reason I was miserable and shouted quite a bit.

Seeing as there is no one about all day except for the puppy Pancake who got the worst of it today. I must have sounded like a mad woman to all the neighbours. My poor son Liam came home from school to be instantly roared at for now leaving 2 coats and a lunch box at school. No wonder he ran and hid upstairs. Bad mommy.

I did however manage in my deranged state to get an awful lot of stuff done which included reserving a few things to buy on etsy for upcoming birthdays. I also managed to get a few listings up on etsy also. That always makes me feel better.

This beautiful jewelery set I decided would be great for my Mom, the great thing is that if she doesn't like it I'll keep in for myself. I just love pearls. It was created by Summerthyme on etsy, wonderful to work with also.

I hope my 25 year old brother will enjoy what I have in store for his birthday. I think its pretty cool and I plan on putting Mr Roboto on a slim fitting red T-shirt. Thank you jodieflowers for having such a cute shop.

Oh and of course I had to buy a little something for myself.Thanks perfectheart I told you I liked pearls.

OK a quick show of what I made today and then off to give my dirty little terror a shower.

Here is Bill. He can be a little grumpy in the mornings, but a little orange juice and some peanut butter on toast makes him a great joy to be around. I don't think he's grumpy, he looks kinda cute in an ugly sorta way.

Little Clementine is just adorable with her bold stripes and pale pink bow.

Clemmy likes to climb trees, but sometimes needs help getting down but often thinks she can do it herself.
oooh my nerves, get down Clemmy

That's it I'm done today, i hope tomorrow is better, well it has to be its Friday, wooohooo and a big THANK YOU to the 1 comment I got for my first blog, totally unexpected and exciting.


Heathen's Hearth said...

"a pretty poop day" ...I won't even say where my mind went with that ;-).

Little Clementine is adorable.


Lollipop Moon said...

yeah best left unsaid hahaha.

Jenni said...

I like your work!